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Support for creating Windows 7 folder icons

When you create a new folder in Windows 7, it will be given the generic folder icon by default. But the good thing is that you can always choose to customize your folder icon in Windows 7 by following the appropriate set of instructions.  Also if you choose to create a new icon for your folder, you are required to make an ICO file.  You can create files in this format with the help if Microsoft Paint. In this article you can find Windows 7 support instructions for doing the same.

How to create a new icon?

  1. To begin with, you need to open the Microsoft Paint application installed on your computer.  To do this, click on “Start”, select “Accessories” and then “Microsoft Paint”.
  2. Go to the tab titled “Paint”. Click on the option which says “Open” to import the image that you looking forward to use as your icon. Make use of the features like brushes, color palette and shapes for creating the design of your choice.
  3. Once you are done with the design, highlight the option “Save as” and click on “BMP picture”.
  4. Provide a name for the icon . Make sure to include “.ico” at the end. The file name should look like “<name>.ico”.
  5. Choose the folder wherein you want to save the new icon image, and hit the button labeled “Save”.

How to change the folder icon?

  1. First, you need to right click on the folder to which you would like to have a new icon.
  2. Click on the option labeled “Properties” from the given menu.

    Microsoft paint

          Windows 7 folder icon creation

  3. Go to the tab titled “Customize”.
  4. Hit the button labeled “Change Icon” which you can see under the “Folder icons” section located at the bottom of the window.
  5. Navigate to the folder wherein you have saved the new icon by clicking the button labeled “Browse”.  Click on the respective file and hit the “Open” button. You will be able to view the preview of your icon in the “Change Icon” section.
  6. Choose the new icon by clicking on it and hit the “Ok” button.
  7. Finally end this procedure by clicking on the button labeled “Apply” in the properties window.

Those were the simple steps to change the icon of a Windows 7 folder. For further assistance, it is recommended that you contact the Windows 7 support team.

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