How To Remove Installed Windows XP Updates

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     Removing Windows XP updates

All recent versions of Windows operating systems come with the Automatic Update feature which is an easy way of keeping your computer safer and run smoother.  Windows XP too comes with this built-in feature. Many users prefer to set this Automatic Update feature enabled in order to receive critical updates, latest high-priority Windows security patches, hot fixes, service packs etc. from Microsoft. This ensures that you get the latest updates for Windows components and other Windows based applications. By setting the Automatic Updates on, Windows will download and install the updates automatically. Though these updates are intended to provide better system stability and security, sometimes it can also cause software incompatibility or some other technical problems. In such cases, the easiest way to solve the issue is to remove the newly installed update and roll back to the previous system settings. Rather than calling Windows XP help and support center, you can do it on your own by using the “Add/Remove Programs” function in the Control Panel. Let us find out how it is done.

Removing an installed Windows XP update using Add/Remove Programs

  • Go to Start menu and click on “Run”.
  • You will get the Run window. Type “appwiz.cpl” into the text box and press “Enter”.
  • This will launch the Add/Remove Programs on your screen. Wait until the list of installed programs and applications are populated.
  • To see the list of installed updates, select the check box for “Show Updates” at the top of the window. This will add the “Windows XP Software Updates” to the Add/Remove Programs list.

    Automatic Update feature

             Windows XP computer updates

  • Browse through the list of installed updates and find the one that you wish to remove. Click on that particular update to highlight it and click on Remove button. ClickYes” to confirm the removal when you get the prompt.
  • The installed update will now be removed from your computer. 

The process is quite simple. If you still have any doubts regarding the update removal, feel free to go to Windows XP help menu and find answers for your queries or doubts. Alternatively you may try to remove the installed updates by using a free utility called “Windows XP Update Remover”. You can downloaded it from online sites and quickly remove the installed updates. Once it is installed in your computer, you can easily find the list of installed updates and quickly remove it without any hassle.

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