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Windows XP Display Help

Isn’t it interesting to let your desktop display signify your mood and interests? Why don’t you change your display from the normal, boring Windows theme to something creative and lively? All these features are possible for your computer display if you are using Windows XP as your operating system. Use your favorite celebrity or art to set it as the desktop background image, adjust the color and front sizes, files and programs icons to be displayed, etc. All you need to do is customize display settings and start enjoying the facilities it has to provide.

The desktop display customization seems a lengthy process and you might be worried how you could do so alone. You need not worry, as there are always Windows XP help tips to guide you through. The interesting thing is that the help is always available and easy to access anytime you need the help.

You can follow the steps shared below to perform the necessary settings for your Windows XP display.

  • Go to your desktop and right-click on an empty space. Select the Properties from the drop-down menu and click on the Theme option. The down-arrow option will provide you with the options to set the icons, background and color of your desktop display.
  • Set the desktop background display, image location and sizes as per your taste by clicking on the Desktop tab. Select the default images provided for your desktop or can use some other desktop image in by clicking on Browse and select the image.

    Customize Display Settings

     Customize Windows XP Display

  • The next step is to deal with your screen saver. To do this, click on the Screen Saver option and select the necessary image. Click on the Settings to customize your screen saver.
  • You can also change the entire desktop color scheme that includes the windows and buttons color, front size and icons by clicking on Appearance option.
  • Changes to the screen resolution and overall changes can be brought to your computer from the Settings option. All you need to do is click this tab, select the required color, resolution, and color quality for the display.
  • Bring the selections into effect by clicking o the Apply tab.

Follow these Windows XP help tips and you are done bringing the necessary display settings for your operating system. You can also update the various settings by enabling automatic update feature in the system.

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