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Finally, Microsoft Office Makes Its Arrival On Apple

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If you thought that Microsoft Support was something set up for just a name, then you are gravely mistaken. Through its massive support network, Microsoft listens to the concerns of its customers and for long, users of Apple devices have been complaining about the lack of Office software in iOS. Microsoft has finally answered their call but with conditions applied. The software vendor has announced that Office would be made available for free in iOS 7 but only for those users who have subscribed to Office 365. Even though it s a pricey solution, users will not bother too much as that is what initial reports are saying.

Users of iOS powered devices have been longing for an official statement from Microsoft regarding the release of Office for iOS ever since leaks and reports started emerging online last year. These reports said that Microsoft was fast working on a solution to this problem. It was expected that the Office application would be made available in Apple devices by the end of 2013. Microsoft support services have been reportedly flooded with calls asking about the potential date of release and this announcement officially has proved to be a big relief. You will see that most users welcome the decision by Microsoft to release the application for free for Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Office Suite

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Office 365 as we all know is the cloud based version of the Microsoft Office Suite, which the brand aims to consolidate its position as a leading utility software vendor both on the ground and on the cloud. It has been a huge success according to Microsoft support services because of the numerous calls they received asking to configure Office 365 for customers. With this, variant users can perform their writing, editing, spreadsheet, or any of their Office Suite related task online from anywhere in the world over the internet. Your documents will follow you wherever you go.

Now iOS users will get this feature on their iPhone and iPad devices that will allow them to view their favorite documents and presentations on their hand held devices, which was quite impossible earlier. Should you face any doubt or difficulty, then Microsoft support is always available round the clock to help you.

So folks, if you have an iOS powered device, then subscribe to Office 365 immediately if you want to use Office on your device as well. It is quite easy and compared with the benefits, the pricing is ignorable.

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