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At times, you may have to contact Microsoft support for some diverse issues. But most of you do not think that you might be able to solve such issues on your own by putting in a little more effort. You do not have to always depend on Microsoft support for the same when you can freely do the same repair or maintenance work on your own. One such issue is fixing the Microsoft Registry found in your PC. Many people do not have a clue about what to do when the registry goes corrupt one fine day. In fact, many folks do not know what exactly the registry does so as to identify the impact of its defect. So let us have a look into how this issue of registry fixing can be dealt with.

The Microsoft Windows Registry is the primary registry in your computer that has been assigned the task of storing all your PC’s configuration settings and options on your OS. The registry has settings for all the components or devices you connect to your PC whether it is internal or external in nature. Being such an important component, any defect that can arise in the registry will lead to issues in your PC. The registry can become corrupt because of a virus infection in your PC or other software glitches as well. When such an error occurs, you will have to manually fix the Windows registry.

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There is no need to worry and you do not have to contact Microsoft support to get the issue fixed because today there are numerous solutions available for this simple yet lethal issue. You can avail the services of numerous free cleaner solutions that will repair your Windows registry and restore it to its initial build version. With such an option executed, your registry should be back to normal in no time. However you stand to lose all configurations that you have made on your PC with this move.

But there is no other option but to let go of those old configurations and besides it will be easier for you to configure your system once more after you have restored the registry to its perfectly healthy state. There are several tools available in the market that allow you to backup and restore configurations but these do come at a price.

So the next time you think about contacting Microsoft support for fixing your registry error issue, think again because you can very well solve it yourself.

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