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Troubleshooting problems during the installation of the Window XP update

Updates in Windows XP are what keeps the operating system in top notch condition even after all these years. They have been detrimental in ridding the operating system of all its bugs and the shortcomings. Windows XP is clearly the best out of all the operating systems that has been released by Microsoft over the [...]

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More on Memory dump option in Windows

  Have you ever encountered a crashed system? Have you faced difficulty in accessing the data contained in your hard disk after a system crash? Majority of the users experience the above mentioned scenarios, at least once in their life time. Problems related to system crash usually occur due to malware infections. The malware programs [...]

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How to customize your desktop

Computers have sort of invaded the life of almost each and everyone in this planet. Unless you happen to be born and bought up in the Amazon jungles or probably that part of the world where electricity is something that people haven’t heard  of, computers are something that you might have used at least once, [...]

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