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Support to format a CD for copying in Windows XP

Earlier days, floppy disks were used as a portable medium of storage, but these have been replaced by more efficient and larger storage mediums  like CDs and DVDs. They have proved to be better data storage, data transferring and copying means. They also have  higher capacities and  some comes the option to even rewrite the [...]

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Tutorial to display Windows XP Help screen

Getting help for your computer problems is always quite easy in this day and age of internet and related means of communication. If you are using a Windows XP computer, it is often quite easy to troubleshoot the issues that you are likely to face. This is because, the operating system consists of an in-built [...]

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Support to make Windows XP Widescreen

Imagine watching your favorite movie on a widescreen and a small screen? Which excites you the most? Of course, without doubt, everyone wish to see a widescreen display. It will be a great pleasure to have a widescreen monitor. As you see movies in widescreen, computer users can view in widescreen mode so that they [...]

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What needs to be done to reinstall the Help and Support for Windows xp

Windows XP happens to be an operating system that was developed by Microsoft in order to be used on personal computers. It was launched way back in 2001. It holds its own for being the second most popular version of Windows operating systems. The Windows XP Help and Support Center gives users quick tips as [...]

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Tips to tweak Windows XP performance

To improve the performance of a computer running on Windows XP, users can make small alterations, or “tweaks,” to the OS. Disabling those not so important features will speed up your computer without affecting the basic XP settings. Users can also tweak Windows XP graphical settings, start-up software, hardware settings and other system settings for [...]

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Changing the Windows XP Pro Administrator Password

The Windows XP Professional operating system was the first operating system from Microsoft to come with the unique user account capability. With unveiling of the new Windows XP it was now possible for users to maintain their own customized desktop by making a user account for themselves. Each of this user accounts can either be [...]

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Prevent 100 percent CPU Usage

When CPU usage is high, it greatly affects the performance of your computer. Normally an average computer uses very little of its processing power while running. However, during a heavy workload the percentage of processor power used will increase drastically and this would slow down the performance of the system. A program may stop responding [...]

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All You Need to do to Troubleshoot Windows XP Stop Error Messages

Majority of Windows XP users have had to face the dreaded blue screen of death. This is actually a stop message which arises when the operating system stops responding and the graphic user interface is nothing new to Windows users and is replaced by a blue screen which reminds one of DOS prompts. The screen [...]

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Turning Off Unnecessary Windows Processes in Vista

There are several reasons as to why which your computer may be not running at maximum performance. Although a good portion of these issues may be as a result of virus infection, worms or spyware, some of it most definitely have other reasons. One of the possible reasons that might make your system rather slow [...]

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Windows Vista Support Tools

Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system comes with a set of advanced tools that will help administrators and software professionals improve the functionality and usability of the OS. You can use these tools for detecting and troubleshooting common computer problems, for accessing network components and for improving your system security. Although a majority of these tools [...]

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