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Support to unblock Windows 7 laptop

Windows 7 operating system is Microsoft’s stable and successful operating system to the Windows family. It contains features like User Account Control (UAC) and Windows Firewall to ensure the safety and security of the computer from unauthorized users or changes. UAC technology is a security infrastructure introduced in Vista and carried on to Windows 7 [...]

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When you accidently download a virus via email, or when you download a file that contains a virus or if you visit a web page with a virus with an automatic downloader attached to it, the Windows XP operating system will display warning messages about the potent attack. It may be difficult to get rid [...]

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How to remove an icon from Windows Vista Entry Screen?

With just a few simple clicks, you can remove the icon from your VISTA Desktop. There are 2 methods to remove the icon from the desktop and another method to prevent the icon from appearing upon startup. Windows support instructions to remove an icon from Windows Vista Entry Screen The first method is to move [...]

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Help for Using Dual Firewall in Windows XP

If you are using a computer powered by Windows XP, unknown programs and files are strictly blocked from accessing the internet by a computer firewall in Windows XP which acts as a protective barrier for your computer. However, you may want to have an extra security cover for your computer in the form of a [...]

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How to Uninstall Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista

Designed as the successor for the Windows XP operating system, Microsoft’s Windows operating system is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. The Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista operating system contains several updates for the operating systems with support of hardware standards, updates for Windows Media Center and updates for Windows [...]

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Support to delete Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7

On all Windows operating systems from Windows XP, to Windows 7, you would find pre-installed instant messaging software named Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live Messenger which was formerly called MSN messenger is included with the three Windows operating system versions, that is, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 in the free Windows Live Essentials [...]

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Tutorial for editing Windows Media video properties

Windows Media Player is a free media player included in different versions of Windows Operating systems. This is a powerful media software having the ability to play different videos and media formats. If in case you lost the copy of Windows Media player installed on your computer, you can always download it from the website [...]

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Disabling Windows Security Centre

The Windows Security Center from the last two operating systems of Microsoft was designed to give enhanced security features to the operating systems. The Security center includes, Internet security suite, a firewall, anti-virus and applications for computer maintenance. This security feature of Microsoft will not however work with any other third party antivirus program. If [...]

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Guidelines to disable Dell support alerts in a Windows computer

Dell support center features an option called Dell Support Alerts. This feature may annoy some users since the alerts constantly pop up on the screen. To prevent this, you need to follow the steps given below. Windows help and support Instructions Let’s check out the steps to disable the alerts Turn on your computer and [...]

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Registering a New Windows XP Operating System

Despite the advent of its visually marvellous successors- Windows Vista and 7, Windows XP is still hailed by many as the most stable and user friendly platform released by Microsoft. Even though it lacks the visual splendour of its successors, XP continues to be the most sought after OS of the times, thanks to its [...]

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