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Troubleshooting NSIS Error in Windows 7

Downloading, installing and repairing programs on PCs and corporate networking systems is getting easier day by day, thanks to the efforts of the software industry. However, no matter how robust contemporary softwares have become, any unprecedented errors could surely hinder their hassle-free installation. One such fault that you might encounter during installation of programs on [...]

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Resolving problems with picture icons in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has the ability to display digital pictures as thumbnails in the folders where they are stored. However, some image editing programs can change the thumbnail display settings in Windows Vista, affecting its proper function. In this article, you can find instructions for checking the thumbnail display settings of your Windows Vista operating system. [...]

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Tutorial for customizing your Windows task bar

Ability to customize the taskbar is one of the most attractive features of Windows operating systems. If you are a Windows user, you will be able to customize your taskbar in several different ways including color, themes and icon locations. If you are someone who would like to have the old, classic Windows Start button, [...]

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Stopping Windows 7 from going into the sleep mode

Sleep modes of operating system are there to help the users save energy. When you don’t want the system to be shut down, but do not want much energy and power spent during this transit period, sleep mode is your best option. Sleep mode will cut the power flow to all the drivers and devices, [...]

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Support to uninstall Windows XP service

In a Windows XP operating system, any small program that provides some sort of service to the users of the Windows XP computer is called a “Service”. For instance, the common services you see in Windows XP computers or any other operating system is the “Help” topics included in it. “Microsoft Help” support system and [...]

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Setting up a Wireless Network in Vista

The process of setting up a wireless network in Vista is very simple but, if you are used to networking with previous versions of Windows, it might turn out to be a bit confusing. Microsoft replaced the familiar Network Setup Wizards by the Network and Sharing Center from their Vista OS onwards. Here are the [...]

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Creating ad hoc network on Windows 7 laptop

Wired routers or modems are no more in the networking scene; now most users prefer wireless routers or access points for networking or accessing the internet. These are called the wireless infrastructure modes. However, even these wireless infrastructures can be eliminated from networking and an ad hoc network can be setup in its place. Ad [...]

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Fix Error 1058 in Windows XP

In Windows XP operating system, there are options for automatically starting some services and features like Windows updates. These features can be scheduled to start in preferred time. A few features need to be started manually. However, some manual initiations may end up in errors. When the user tries to launch some services he may [...]

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Windows Vista problems with login after installing updates

Windows Vista is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It came as the successor of Windows XP, and was released for worldwide retail sales on October 2009. It took around 5 years for Microsoft to come up with the successor of Windows XP. Windows Vista is equipped with lots of new features including redesigned search [...]

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Deleting Contacts in MSN Web Messenger

MSN Messenger, currently called Windows Live Messenger is developed by Microsoft as an instant messaging client designed to work with Windows series of operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 and also on Windows phone, Windows mobile, Symbian OS, Xbox 360 etc. A web-based version of MSN Messenger is MSN Web Messenger to chat [...]

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