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Resolve your PC Issues via Remote Connection

One virtue of contemporary computing and Windows PCs at large is that any issues with your computer can be easily resolved from within the walls of your house. Technology is such advanced that you no more have to ring up your local techie to diagnose and rectify any issues with your PC. With a stable [...]

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How to make changes in BIOS in Windows Vista

Windows Vista, one of Microsoft’s best operating systems, provides the user an option to customize its operation according to their needs. For this, the users will have to make some changes in the settings which include rearranging the boot order, setting a BIOS password, or changing the hard drive settings. The BIOS is the key [...]

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Blocking undesirable websites in Windows Vista

In this age, where personal computing has taken a new shape, there are hardly any homes without a computer or a laptop. Children, these days, begin to use the home computer right from their kindergarten or way before. There are wide varieties of contents available online that can be helpful for your child in learning, [...]

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Support with enabling NetMeeting in Windows XP

NetMeeting is an internet conferencing, communication and collaboration tool bringing Windows users at different work locations together with text chat, multi-point data conferencing, whiteboard, point-to-point audio and video, and file transfer capability. This software is similar to the Windows Meeting Space tool, which was created by Microsoft for replacing NetMeeting. NetMeeting is included with many [...]

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Running ScanDisk in Windows XP

Given the massive amounts of data transfer and work that your hard drives are now subject to, it is only a point of time before it shows signs of wear and tear. This wear and tear manifests itself as the typical slowing down of hard drive performance and errors popping up here and there, when [...]

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Deleting Windows .Msp Files

Constantly updating Microsoft Office is an errand that you cannot afford to do without. These updates help in both adding and enhancing features and also in fixing possible bugs and errors. Regular updating is thus a must. But when you update your Microsoft Office, certain files start to appear in your installed folder. These files [...]

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Tutorial to delete Windows Media Library for Vista users

Is excessive amount of song files in your Windows Media Player library making your life difficult? It is a common enough problem, faced by many and is a serious time waster. As time goes on, it might become increasingly difficult for you to select your favorite song from the huge list where most probably every [...]

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Online Support for Internet Explorer 7 Problems on Windows Vista

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 has been observed as standard on numerous computers running on Windows Vista. However, do note that it is possible for this kind of complimentary software to malfunction. Windows Vista is known to contain an automatic troubleshooting option which allows you to fix common problems using Internet Explorer 7. The instructions given [...]

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How to Reinstall Windows Live Toolbar on your Computer

The Windows Live Toolbar is a great way for computer searching as it let its users to search from anywhere on the computer. It has been a popular addition by Microsoft due its ease of use. The toolbar suggests popular searches to users while typing, making it a much hassle free experience. Also, the popping [...]

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