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Steps To Change The Folder Icon In Windows 7

When you create a new folder in Windows 7, it will be given the generic folder icon by default. But the good thing is that you can always choose to customize your folder icon in Windows 7 by following the appropriate set of instructions.  Also if you choose to create a new icon for your [...]

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Disable Windows XP Help Service

Even after the release of various Windows versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows XP remains the favorite operating system of many. Windows XP is one of the most popular and the most sold out operating systems from Microsoft. Windows XP comes with many services that run in the background while you [...]

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Fixing Printer Spooler In Windows XP

The data that you need to print from an application such as Microsoft Word is transferred to a printer using a Windows program known as Printer Spooler. You will be able to launch it from the taskbar as well as from the Control Panel. At times, you face Printer Spooler issues like automatic hung up [...]

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Know About A Gaming Desktop Computer

As you might already know, a gaming desktop computer is nothing but a normal computer that is equipped with additional resources for handling heavy games which won’t run on normal configuration. These computers are rich in performance, and it is this performance aspect that differentiates it from the normal ones. Now let’s have a good [...]

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Fix Auto Update Issues In Windows XP

A number of Windows system services run in the background of your computer and you receive the error 1058 when one of these services suddenly stop or is unable to start. There can be different types of error 1058 messages. If you receive an error 1058, which indicates auto update, it means that the automatic [...]

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Choose The Best Hardware Components For Your Gaming PC

What do you think is required to build a good gaming computer? A Gaming PC is just another computer, but with some extra high performance hardware and software components added onto it. Gaming PCs usually require components that specifically meet all the requirements needed to run a high-end game. All hard-core games demand a high-performance [...]

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Repair Your PC Remotely Using Remote Desktop Connection

With the Remote Desktop Connection feature on Windows XP, you can now access any computer on a network and work on it as if you are working on your desktop. With this feature, now a technician can fix your computer or laptop remotely and you do not have to call an in-home technician. The remote [...]

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Boost The Performance Of Your Windows 7 Computer

After using Windows 7 for a period of time, you might find a dip in its performance. Programs taking long time to load, Windows starting up slowly, encountering frequent file corruption issues etc. are some of the errors associated with the performance of Windows 7 operating system. Here in this article I am going to [...]

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