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Repair Windows XP Start Menu

Accessing and controlling various programs in your Windows XP is made easier by the shortcut icons and program access on the Start menu. Using the Start menu, users can have direct access to various programs installed on the system. The Start menu comes as a default display in Windows XP and the other icons on [...]

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$1000 Computers for games

Computers are the most popular consoles when it comes to gaming. Sure, the PlayStation 4 is up for release and there is a lot of excitement surrounding it but truth be told, the good old PC is here to stay when it comes to gaming. Why is it that the computer is still considered as [...]

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Delete Unsuccessful Update In Windows XP

Similar to other Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, the Windows XP also comes with the automatic update feature. This automatic update is possible because of the presence of the Automatic Updates feature that comes with the OS. This Automatic Update feature will check for any available updates in the Microsoft and start downloading the [...]

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Windows XP Wallpaper Settings

Windows XP operating system is one of the products of Microsoft Corporation for use in desktop computers and laptops. Using a new operating system will require a lot of customized settings and configurations so as to design the various features of the OS to the taste of the user. Windows XP comes with a default [...]

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Manage Windows XP System Memory

Windows XP operating system comes with many features that allow a user to customize its use and system settings. Managing and maintaining the system memory is one feature in Windows XP by which you can check memory usage, disk and processor systems. This is possible after you add counters to the System Monitor program. Setting [...]

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