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How To Restore Windows XP To A Prior Date?

While performing serious tasks in a hurry, if any of the system settings get changed, you might sometimes get confused about the one that you had before. If you need assistance in this matter, you can make use of System restore which helps you to solve this issue. Windows XP would take snapshots of the [...]

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Remotely Install Windows XP Using Remote Installation Services

We all know how much time and effort it takes to install a fresh copy of Windows XP on a computer. Consider the case of organizations and companies, it becomes very hard to install Windows XP on each computer since there will be a huge number of client machines. This issue can be solved using [...]

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Configure Your Windows Xp To Enable Remote Access

Windows XP is the most popular operating system in the world. It is this OS that made Microsoft the world’s favorite. Even after the release of several other Windows operating systems, most of the computer users are still using Windows XP. This operating system is user friendly and most of the people are used to [...]

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Using Windows XP: Remove Administrator Password

The use of passworda in a computer system or other devices (especially communication) is to protect the user’s privacy and prevent unauthorized access to the its contents. This password can be a combination of alphanumeric codes with special characters and upper and lowercase letters. This code combination will be saved permanently on your computer and [...]

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Date And Time Settings On Windows XP

Windows XP comes with many features and settings that the users can customize according to his or her activities and preferences. Once you take into account such settings, the usage becomes easier and interesting too. Date and time settings is a customizable feature in Windows XP by means of which a user is kept updated [...]

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How To Set A Password For Folders In Windows XP

You might have reached here most probably because you are in an urgency to secure the private information residing on your computer from external access. Your computer can be prone to such threats if your Windows XP has multiple users or if you haven’t secured your PC using a well configured antivirus application. So if [...]

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Steps To Enable Remote Desktop In Windows XP

Windows Remote Assistance is a helpful feature of the Windows operating system. It lets you remotely connect to a system at a separate location and gain access to data, software, hardware etc. It is mostly used when seeking technical help from a tech support center. The remotely connected computer can use your mouse, keyboard and [...]

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Means To Customize Windows XP Desktop

Your Windows XP computer desktop can be customized to suit individual specific requirements.  For instance, one may require instant access to the files and programs stored or view the icons as extra large icons, while others may need it another way.  It’s obvious that everyone has their own preferences and tastes and you can customize [...]

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