Finally, Microsoft Office Makes Its Arrival On Apple

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If you thought that Microsoft Support was something set up for just a name, then you are gravely mistaken. Through its massive support network, Microsoft listens to the concerns of its customers and for long, users of Apple devices have been complaining about the lack of Office software in iOS. Microsoft has finally answered their call but with conditions applied. The software vendor has announced that Office would be made available for free in iOS 7 but only for those users who have subscribed to Office 365. Even though it s a pricey solution, users will not bother too much as that is what initial reports are saying.

Users of iOS powered devices have been longing for an official statement from Microsoft regarding the release of Office for iOS ever since leaks and reports started emerging online last year. These reports said that Microsoft was fast working on a solution to this problem. It was expected that the Office application would be made available in Apple devices by the end of 2013. Microsoft support services have been reportedly flooded with calls asking about the potential date of release and this announcement officially has proved to be a big relief. You will see that most users welcome the decision by Microsoft to release the application for free for Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Office Suite

      Support For Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 as we all know is the cloud based version of the Microsoft Office Suite, which the brand aims to consolidate its position as a leading utility software vendor both on the ground and on the cloud. It has been a huge success according to Microsoft support services because of the numerous calls they received asking to configure Office 365 for customers. With this, variant users can perform their writing, editing, spreadsheet, or any of their Office Suite related task online from anywhere in the world over the internet. Your documents will follow you wherever you go.

Now iOS users will get this feature on their iPhone and iPad devices that will allow them to view their favorite documents and presentations on their hand held devices, which was quite impossible earlier. Should you face any doubt or difficulty, then Microsoft support is always available round the clock to help you.

So folks, if you have an iOS powered device, then subscribe to Office 365 immediately if you want to use Office on your device as well. It is quite easy and compared with the benefits, the pricing is ignorable.

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Dealing With The Windows Registry Error In Your PC

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Support For Microsoft

At times, you may have to contact Microsoft support for some diverse issues. But most of you do not think that you might be able to solve such issues on your own by putting in a little more effort. You do not have to always depend on Microsoft support for the same when you can freely do the same repair or maintenance work on your own. One such issue is fixing the Microsoft Registry found in your PC. Many people do not have a clue about what to do when the registry goes corrupt one fine day. In fact, many folks do not know what exactly the registry does so as to identify the impact of its defect. So let us have a look into how this issue of registry fixing can be dealt with.

The Microsoft Windows Registry is the primary registry in your computer that has been assigned the task of storing all your PC’s configuration settings and options on your OS. The registry has settings for all the components or devices you connect to your PC whether it is internal or external in nature. Being such an important component, any defect that can arise in the registry will lead to issues in your PC. The registry can become corrupt because of a virus infection in your PC or other software glitches as well. When such an error occurs, you will have to manually fix the Windows registry.

Microsoft Windows Registry

     Microsoft Windows Support

There is no need to worry and you do not have to contact Microsoft support to get the issue fixed because today there are numerous solutions available for this simple yet lethal issue. You can avail the services of numerous free cleaner solutions that will repair your Windows registry and restore it to its initial build version. With such an option executed, your registry should be back to normal in no time. However you stand to lose all configurations that you have made on your PC with this move.

But there is no other option but to let go of those old configurations and besides it will be easier for you to configure your system once more after you have restored the registry to its perfectly healthy state. There are several tools available in the market that allow you to backup and restore configurations but these do come at a price.

So the next time you think about contacting Microsoft support for fixing your registry error issue, think again because you can very well solve it yourself.

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The Advantages Of A Tech Support Company

Tech Support Company

     Companies In Tech Support

Today, the basic idea of success of any business is to provide excellent services to their respective customers. Service is not restricted to just providing them help before or during their purchase from your business but also after sales service. However after sales support is quite an expensive business proposition if businesses try to set up an in-house facility for providing support for customers. This is when such business enterprises should rely on a tech support company to help them provide customer services to their customers. It is not just after sale service that you can outsource to such companies engaged in providing customer care services, but also pre sale support.

Yes, today there you can find not just one tech support company, but several thousand firms that provide all sorts of tech support services for other companies. They handle everything from sales to marketing to customer care and so on. There are several benefits if such work is assigned to companies that specialize in providing technical support services rather than going in for an in-house facility for the same. Here are some benefits listed for your information

Dedicated infrastructure

Such companies which provide exclusive tech support services have dedicated infrastructure required for technical support services such as telecommunication devices, uninterrupted power and internet connectivity, servers, call routing and management hardware as well as Customer Relationship Management software applications which makes the job of service agents easier.

Trained personnel

A tech support company would have well trained and expert service executives who will patiently listen to the concerns of the customer and they have extensive knowledge to suggest the correct solution as well as opinion to get things working in as short a time period as possible.

Customer Services

          Support For Tech

If you were to have an in-house facility, then you will have to hire people to train agents to respond effectively, provide infrastructure and other allied requirements, then your investment would be massive. Since it is not your core business activity, it is recommended that you do not spend too much on support services. Compared to this cost, a tech support company will offer you with a flexible pricing plan for the service offered.

Reliable all through the time

Most tech support companies offer you round the clock services, which means that your customers can avail support services 24 hours a day no matter in which geographical area they reside in.

With so many benefits, it is advisable to opt for outsourcing your technical support services to a tech support service provider.

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How To Remove Installed Windows XP Updates

Windows XP help

     Removing Windows XP updates

All recent versions of Windows operating systems come with the Automatic Update feature which is an easy way of keeping your computer safer and run smoother.  Windows XP too comes with this built-in feature. Many users prefer to set this Automatic Update feature enabled in order to receive critical updates, latest high-priority Windows security patches, hot fixes, service packs etc. from Microsoft. This ensures that you get the latest updates for Windows components and other Windows based applications. By setting the Automatic Updates on, Windows will download and install the updates automatically. Though these updates are intended to provide better system stability and security, sometimes it can also cause software incompatibility or some other technical problems. In such cases, the easiest way to solve the issue is to remove the newly installed update and roll back to the previous system settings. Rather than calling Windows XP help and support center, you can do it on your own by using the “Add/Remove Programs” function in the Control Panel. Let us find out how it is done.

Removing an installed Windows XP update using Add/Remove Programs

  • Go to Start menu and click on “Run”.
  • You will get the Run window. Type “appwiz.cpl” into the text box and press “Enter”.
  • This will launch the Add/Remove Programs on your screen. Wait until the list of installed programs and applications are populated.
  • To see the list of installed updates, select the check box for “Show Updates” at the top of the window. This will add the “Windows XP Software Updates” to the Add/Remove Programs list.

    Automatic Update feature

             Windows XP computer updates

  • Browse through the list of installed updates and find the one that you wish to remove. Click on that particular update to highlight it and click on Remove button. ClickYes” to confirm the removal when you get the prompt.
  • The installed update will now be removed from your computer. 

The process is quite simple. If you still have any doubts regarding the update removal, feel free to go to Windows XP help menu and find answers for your queries or doubts. Alternatively you may try to remove the installed updates by using a free utility called “Windows XP Update Remover”. You can downloaded it from online sites and quickly remove the installed updates. Once it is installed in your computer, you can easily find the list of installed updates and quickly remove it without any hassle.

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Best Way To Fix A Memory Error In Windows XP

Windows XP help

           Help with Windows XP

Every PC users will face some memory errors in their system in one form or the other. If you are a Windows XP user who are facing symptoms of memory errors like failure to install additional programs , failure to boot your computer, slow system performance etc, you need to go through this article. It provides you the essential guidelines to fix the error with ease.

Windows XP Help Instructions

In order to fix a memory error in Windows XP operating system, you need to follow the instructions as given below:

  • First you need to reboot your computer and check whether there is any problem while doing so. If you hear a beep sound while your system is booting up and if the system responds normally, then there is nothing to worry about.
  • Rebooting process can fix some minor errors within your Windows XP computer. If you hear one long beep tone while rebooting your computer, it is certain that there may be a problem associated with the memory of Windows XP system.
  • Now you need to turn off your computer. You need to unplug the power cable from the power source to ensure your safety and open the computer casing. You need to unplug all cables attached to the computer as well.
  • You can open the computer casing using a screwdriver or by pressing a button.
  • Once it is open, you need to find out the memory chips/modules in your computer. They are installed in “Memory banks” parallel to one another. The memory modules or chips are rectangular in shape. If you nor sure about it, please go through the labels on the motherboard. The label will be given as “DIMM” or “SIMM”.

    rebooting your computer

                Windows XP support team

  • Now remove the memory chips or modules from their slots and check their physical condition. You must make sure that there are no broken or cracked pins that may be hindering the smooth functioning of the memory chips or modules. If you find any cracks or broken pins, you must purchase a new memory chip that suits the motherboard of your system.
  • You need to wipe out all the dust particles in and around the memory modules. The presence of dust can cover the module pins and will prevent them from functioning properly. You can make use of a wet cotton to wipe the pins. You must make sure that the memory chip has dried completely before inserting back to the memory slot.
  • After installing the memory modules properly back into their memory bank, you must close the computer casing.

If you are a bit confused while following the steps, you can certainly contact Windows XP help team.

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